You can quickly become unpopular with Gen Z

Gen Z - the new generation of young peopleGeneration Z is on everyone's lips right now. But what is it and what does it mean.

You can quickly become unpopular with Gen Z

Gen Z - the new generation of young peopleGeneration Z is on everyone's lips right now. But what is it and what does it mean. Generation Z is the term used to describe people born between 1997 and 2012.This generation is said to have an intense involvement with the environment, including socially, the psyche and the body. This is because unlike other generations before, they found different political, economic and cultural conditions.

Everything was ready. All technologies already existed. Internet, mobile phones / smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. Generation Y before them had only got to know all this in their teens.

But what does all this digital consumption do to you. How capable of criticism and where are the possibilities for development? It's easy to become unpopular with Generation Z. They are not capable of criticism. They were already given the right to have a say when they were toddlers.

Hierarchies! What hierarchies! They don't know that and have never learned it. A generation conflict is already pre-programmed. After all, they are the kids of Merkel and Instagram. Everything is always available to them and also there.

The way to make yourself unpopular with Gen Z is to ask yourself if you're good enough. After all, existing in the eyes of others isn't that easy. Growing up sheltered and enlightened young and having a strong sense of self instilled in them at an early age. Hardly dominance of the parents.

School concepts, internet and job market demands are put and questioned. That is quite good for now. Quick consumption immediately and not later. That concerns Internet plays, like Casino plays exactly the same, like designer clothes and other Lifestyle products.adults can make themselves fast unpopular with Gen Z.

Criticism accept thus with Gen Z falls heavily. A lot of criticism at once even more so. You can really make yourself unpopular. Bosses and supervisors don't always have it easy.

Gen Z would rather have only the most necessary instructions. Of course, it's the same with working hours. Fixed hours are a must-have, they know that from their school days. Flexitime is not an option.

Flexibility - no thanks. The same applies to overtime. For decades we have considered overtime to be normal. Generation Z doesn't.

Free time is important to them. Overtime and responsibility restrict them and they don't want that. That's where a boss or supervisor can make young people squirm when he orders overtime. But then how can the possibility arise for them to develop further.

Projects, competitors and the same job over and over again are more appealing to Gen Z than any salary expectations or professional status. Gen Z takes what they need. Of course to come to any country, technology and progress is always there and food, drink and clothing is also always and always available. WhatsApp groups, forums, etc.

make everything possible. These online bonds are often non-committal. But if you disturb Gen Z in these connections, you make yourself all the more unpopular. After all, influencers, Instagram, Facebook and co.

have long since taken the helm and are steering Generation Z along. Being excluded does not apply here. Together they are strong and ally themselves. They have been familiar with visual stimuli since childhood.

They give criticism and recommendations for free. If you don't let this generation be at home everywhere, you will quickly get into trouble with them. They feel cosmopolitan and free. They swim against the current, but that doesn't have to be wrong.

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